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Hi, I'm R.J. I am 31 years old and got engaged in February 2013. This has been the most rewarding experience so far in my life and I am excited at the prospect of starting a life with the woman of my dreams. Getting engaged and thinking about the possibility of being a father in the next few years has really changed my outlook on life, work and money. While saving and investing has been something that has been important to me from the start of my working career, I now have a more clearly definied goal of financial independence. To me, financial independence would be having sufficient savings to allow me the flexibility to either fully or partially retire so I can spend more time with my family. I plan to do this through passive income generated by dividends. While I have often had a special place in my heart and portfolio for dividend paying stocks, I have recently shifted to a focus on dividend growth investing (DGI). This blog will be an opportunity to document and share my journey and my thoughts on investing, personal finance and potentially other topics.

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  1. What a great Blog! I love your thoughts about investing. It makes definitely sense to put money into dividend stocks in order to build up a passive income stream. I've done it too and be very happy with it. I hope you make the same experience. Keep up your great work. Ah, I've put your blog on my blogroll. Hope you can do the same for me. Be sure, I will come back soon :-)